#Repost from @amberhousley — Loving my advance c

#Repost from @amberhousley — Loving my advance c

#Repost from @amberhousley — Loving my advance copy of #FringeHours, a new book written by my friend @Jessicanturner ❤️ It comes out February 17 and is all about empowering women to take back pockets of time for self-care and doing the things they love. I relate with Jessica on so many levels, we both have full-time marketing careers, our own creative businesses, young families, and we even happen to live in #Nashville! But really, we get asked the same question over and over again: “how do you do it all?” This book here, is the answer to it. // wrote this post in stand-still traffic enjoying second cup coffee of my day that started at 4:45am. I may have done my makeup in the daycare parking lot… #FringeHours #ahinspired #mompreneur #creativeentrepreneur

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