Oh Mrs. @jessicanturner, you’ve written this very

Oh Mrs. @jessicanturner, you’ve written this very

Oh Mrs. @jessicanturner, you’ve written this very well. With social media ablaze, and most of us struggling with the “comparison trap”, we decide that the best way to deal is to pile as much “good stuff” into our lives. We try and do it all. Every single hours is packed with doing things for everybody else, with not a single drop of time to recharge. Who ends up suffering? The one’s closest to us. Just because an activity or an event is a good thing, doesn’t mean that’s it’s good for us at that moment. And moms, taking a few minutes to do something for yourself isn’t being selfish. God gave us all passions and gifts that we should keep up with. It also helps with that “recharging”. Trying to do as much as the next mom is killing us. We don’t know her story. Just because she makes it look easy via Pinterest or IG doesn’t mean she didn’t sacrifice something. Busyness does not make for a beautiful life-it’s time we evaluate how we are spending our time and where are priorities lie. Are the REALLY important things getting less attention because we’ve put more value in others beyond their actual worth?

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