I am halfway through @jessicanturner #thefringehou

I am halfway through @jessicanturner #thefringehou

I am halfway through @jessicanturner #thefringehours and I have already started discovering how and what to do with mine. Earlier this year, in the fall, I was waking up between four and 4:30 AM and finding that I was much more productive and at peace throughout the rest of my day when I was able to do so. I use the time for myriad of things that allowed for authentic i’m truly focus #meTime for the benefit of #selfcare. As the year wore on, my 4am #fringehours ended up somehow slowly disappearing as my family also started to wake up early which I enjoyed enough but was distracted since they were doing things like watching TV and being on electronics which really disrupted the peace and quiet Time I had established for all manner of #qualitytime things – investment in devotionals and bible study, prayer in the dark (One of my absolute favorite ways to pray!), listening to specifically created playlists, and/or giving a myriad of any other type of thing that allowed for me to have undisturbed time to be creative and thoughtful – while I was able to slowly enjoy a huge cup of my favorite homemade #chaitea. This morning was the first time in months that I have been able to reestablish and recommit myself to my 4 to 4:30 AM wake up time so that I do have my#fringehours back. Here’s a tiny video of what I did with my time. It’s a Travel beading jewelry design case so that I can work on my bracelets (and once for others) A lot more readily! This is going to help me to use my #fringeminutes and moments and smaller pockets of time that add up to #thefringehours. I got the case with a 40% off coupon from Michael’s and then I also was able to use my #teachersdiscount to save even more money! Yes I did go slightly overboard with the stickers – all from my stash. But, I am the on the stage of my life of being consumed by what others might think of me because of what I do or show of who I am. #thisiswhoiam and this really is the #realme

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