Finished @jessicanturner #thefringehours and it ha

Finished @jessicanturner #thefringehours and it ha

Finished @jessicanturner #thefringehours and it has already given so much back to me that I didn’t even realize I was missing!!! The most important thing was me being able to use my #fringehours to get back into #theword and have dedicated an regular #timeforprayer. I have discovered the app #shereadstruth and I am loving it!!!! I even decided to buy one of the reading plans and it was less than three bucks for a 24 day guided reading plan through first and second Peter. I absolutely consider myself a baby believer and follower of Christ and His teachings because I didn’t really discover them in order to want to know them better until my mid to late 20s. I’m only just now in my mid 30s. And even though I am a teacher and a Christian school with a great and amazing reputation, in my classroom I so much more learned from my students about what the Gospel says and how it works. I’m not even ashamed to admit this and the fact that they have to teach me about the gospel much more when I get to teach them!!! And this is because my students are brilliant artist just as much as they are tender and loving and patient with me as I ask them questions about scripture that all of them either have learned or are still learning in their Bible classes every days. And I’m even more blessed to work alongside people who truly are Biblical scholars and who welcome every approach that I take towards them with my many questions about many mysteries of the gospel and how I have been called to use the gifts that I know the Lord has given me to serve, lead, honor, and glorify Him and Him alone. #eternallyChristHasOvercome and faithfully I will follow Him wherever He call me and leave me to go because I know it’s only to places that He Himself prepared for my arrival.

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