Earlier this week I listened to an @influencenet p

Earlier this week I listened to an @influencenet p

Earlier this week I listened to an @influencenet podcast with @jessicanturner, talking about her book #fringehours. She talked about using those extra minutes throughout the day that usually get wasted to focus on margin and doing something life giving for yourself. Her message is that this is good for us as women and moms, that our cups need to be full before we are able to pour out again. I totally caught myself thinking I had that one covered. The truth is that I constantly need to grow, especially in this area. Just this afternoon I text Jordan to tell him how much I’m learning about boundaries and rest. I felt so guilty about taking a nap during Rae’s nap because it “should” be the time I work and get things done. Let me tell you, I felt so much better in the next hour I spent writing after my nap than I would have if I just plowed through and ignored my body’s signs that it needed rest. This is where I want my mindset to be more and more: that a slower life may cost me progress, but we don’t get our minutes back. I want to find rest in those #fringehours and minutes so that I can savor life in all the rest.

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