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Shirley Rempel Shirley Rempel @momrempel

A perfect thing to do on a Friday night after a good but busy week! Me time with a book on my deck! A slight breeze… https://t.co/3KhYH4DfmT

4 years ago
Allison Ball Allison Ball @MrsBallELA

Every day I hear, “I don’t have time!” Sitting here at practice & check out the article I open up to read! Where do… https://t.co/XbrMBQGN8k

5 years ago
Taiko H. Bennett ✨ Taiko H. Bennett ✨ @taikohbennett

Baby seems to have transitioned from waking up multiple times a night to sleeping through the night 🙏🏽🤞🏽💃🏽 so I fin… https://t.co/oto98HI1T6

5 years ago
ChandanaWrites ChandanaWrites @ChandanaMilSpo

#workfromhometip Write down what you need to do in a day + approx how much time to allocate to it. Fit it into your… https://t.co/v0KmFrMcLP

5 years ago
Erin Bartels Erin Bartels @ErinLBartels

Didn’t manage many words yesterday, but I broke through 18,500 this morning. Hoping by the end of the night I’ll ha… https://t.co/DMpM067RiM

6 years ago
MamaBear MamaBear @4MamaBear

I’ll be scheduling a #fringehours give myself some me time before the kids come home so I am not feeling distracted… https://t.co/4wXM0EfUut

6 years ago

Has anyone read #FringeHours?
If so, share your thoughts?
I’m thinking about reading it.

6 years ago
Lisa Bartelt Lisa Bartelt @lmbartelt

See also: daughter who signed up to bake and bring decorations and frosting for an afterschool activity on a day’s… https://t.co/y4Xo6QXVgp

6 years ago
Lisa Bartelt Lisa Bartelt @lmbartelt

I’m reading a book called The Fringe Hours by @JessicaNTurner about making more time for me, so naturally, there’s… https://t.co/Rwu0bbyLpg

6 years ago
Better Life Project Better Life Project @BLifeProject

If you’ve already built a foundation that doesn’t include “me time,” you’ve got some remodelling to do. – @JessicaNTurner #FringeHours

7 years ago
Jess Petrohoy Jess Petrohoy @jess_petro

When you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep might as well clean & put away bridal shower gifts! #fringehours

7 years ago
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